"Man Power Shortage in organizations are not due to lack of hidden talents. It is often due to lack of Man Power Planning."

We are a leading Man Power Staffing Agency and Recruitment Firm, with our physical presence in Chennai. It was started out with an objective introducing hidden talents seeking jobs, to those companies seeking fulfilment of proper Man Power needs. With our constant efforts to place right candidates in right jobs, today we have become the most sought after Recruitment Agency in Chennai.

What we are

Our mission: To become a leading solution provider for various job seekers, job requirements, and organizations approaching us.

Our Passion: To place candidates who are looking for jobs, in those companies looking for right talent.

Our Vision: To lead in the man power planning and delivery of able workforce, that enable our clients to compete in the industry.

Our Core Values: We believe our candidates should not be left out of opportunities just because they were not well-informed.

Our Approach: To understand the man power needs of organizations, and sketch a man power plan for them, to ultimately finding right candidates who can become a proud part of their organization.

Our Strategy: To become a trusted partner for both job seekers and organizations seeking talent.

What we do

Job Fairs: Our job fairs are known for cultivating best environment for finding most suitable candidates for various job requirements.

Job Alerts: We provide job alerts on Job Vacancies and job openings for our job seekers.

On-Campus Recruitment: We aim at choosing bright college students who can form an able work force in organizations.

Off–Campus Recruitment: We provide employment for every job seeker including experienced professionals, full-time job seekers and part-time job seekers.

Online Exam Portal: Our job seekers get access to free online aptitude tests for government jobs, jobs in top companies, and jobs across various industry.

Sample Exam Papers: We have GRE, GMAT, and CAT sample papers, along with sample exam papers for government jobs and jobs in top companies.

E-Learning: Our E-learning training for interview preparation focusses on engineering and technical skill, quantitative aptitude, general knowledge, and more.

Skill Development Program: We realize, in addition to technical skills, our job seekers also require training for developing their communication skill, interview skill and their overall personality.