5 Best way to wash your face and avoid soap

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In easy phrases, the herbal barrier of your skin is made up of acid mantle. whatever below pH7 is acidic and anything above this is alkaline. Usually, our skin’s pH is among four and 6.5 even amongst those with

Posted By: admin on: 2016-08-13

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No Money withdrawal from ATM but amount got debited

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Most of us face this issue in our life during the ATM Transaction and get panic, worried about the transaction and think what to do? If you have faced this scenario during ATM Transaction, where No Money withdrawal from ATM but amount got debited from the

Posted By: admin on: 2016-04-22

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5 Best SEO Technique for page Optimization

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You must optimize your webpage and content for SEO, to target the audience or to pull the organic visitor for your website to increase your business. You must follow the important SEO Technique to optimize your conten

Posted By: admin on: 2016-04-14

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Lose Weight and Belly Fat

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Everyone wants to lose their weight faster without exercise and wanted to shape which looks fit and fine. For losing weight we try also lot of thing in home by following lot dietary plan and by following lot of tips. Here are the actual steps to follow to

Posted By: admin on: 2015-11-09

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Today, talent versus hard work, or nature versus nurture, or an inborn potential versus the potential acquired over a period, through a learning experience, is the most sought after topic of debate, in every other industry, across the world. Why has this

Posted By: admin on: 2015-10-14

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Salary discussion with fresher graduate is funnier one which is the interesting part of interview session. When this interview question we put in front of fresher graduate we get so many funny answer like salary is not my concern, according to your compan

Posted By: admin on: 2015-10-09

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This is one of the other prominent questions where most of the fresher graduate lag to answer with great impression. We mostly answer Strength and weakness in bullet point like I have leadership quality; I believe in hard work, I always have a positive ap

Posted By: admin on: 2015-10-08

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Unemployment problem is becoming serious issues for India. As the malady increases the corruption, theft and the crime increases in the society. So to curb this situation and to find the malady there is only one way that is to provide quality education no

Posted By: admin on: 2015-09-26

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If you think that that the recruitment process is simply all about matching your skills with those listed in job description then you are wrong. Interview or hiring process conducted by any employer to assess your character traits...

Posted By: admin on: 2015-09-19

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In this running life we forget to take care of our health which makes us to fill sick and unhealthy. So taking care of health become a important part of life.

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Healthy Diet is the most important for saving ourself from the disease and infection as well as to live longer and healthy life.

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Obesity is an adverse health condition where excess fat gets accumulated n the body, thus leading to several health related problems.

Posted By: admin on: 2015-09-11

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In this competitive world, you may find more fresher’s applying for the same job. It might be shocking to know that you are no different from others,

Posted By: admin on: 2015-09-09

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Your Desire and passion toward work is one of the most important factor which leads you to success. In short desire means till what extent you...

Posted By: admin on: 2015-07-09

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care tips for Healthy Lips

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Color and Texture of your lips can reveal a lot about your health and lifestyle. Today trend of smoking, consuming alcohol and trying different cosmetic on lips

Posted By: admin on: 2015-07-03

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While seeing this topic, more number of thoughts and questions struck on your mind. Because lots of people heard this word, ‘attitude’.

Posted By: admin on: 2015-07-02

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self introduction is art of selling

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Self-intro is usually the most asked question in any personal interview. In my long recruitment experience most of the fresher graduates face problem in answering this question

Posted By: admin on: 2015-07-02

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